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Case Example 1: Market Entry

Market Entry Strategy: Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

A multinational CPG firm headquartered in Europe is exploring expanding into a new market in Africa as part of its global expansion strategy. Although they are experts and market share leaders in Europe, they are less familiar with African markets and particularly the route to market channels they would require to efficiently operate.


Pengo Insight builds a comprehensive market map for the consumer packaged goods industry in the target market and arranges a bespoke market immersion trip with the client and their internal representatives to visit the market, including arranging over 100 phone consultations with relevant subject matter experts in the area of route to market excellence in preparation, and 20 face to face meetings during the clients 1 week in market immersion. Local advisors include:

  • Potential Route to Market Partners and other key Distributors in the value chain

  • Regulatory experts with local understanding

  • Former executives of key incumbents in the market

  • Target Consumers for their range of products



Local Familiarity: Our client develops a deeper understanding of the local nuances and strategic nuances required to enter this new market and gains valuable insight into the unique regulatory, distribution and marketing challenges in each market.

Local Partner Acquisition: In-depth, face-to-face consultations with local experts enable our client to identify and then quickly execute a strategically relevant partnership with a local distributor, giving them a leg-up in a large potential market.

Case Example 2: Validate Local Creative Idea

Test Local Creative Idea: Advertising Industry

A global advertising group has recently won a PAN African contract for a large multinational organization with a presence in a number of African markets. Although the advertising group has a growing presence in Africa, they do not have local teams and insight in one of the key markets within their clients portfolio. The advertising agency has been briefed to develop new local, culturally relevant creative platform for one their clients brands.


Pengo Insight arranges one on one phone conversations with 5 former consumer insight practitioners from the clients industry, 1 phone conversation with a local culture and language expert from the market as well as 100 surveys distributed to the brands target consumers within the market.



Local Familiarity: Our client develops a deeper understanding of the best practice consumer insight from experts as well as a better understanding of the local language and cultural nuances that help inform the way brands communicate with local consumers.

Idea Validated: The proposed idea is confirmed by local consumers as having potential to resonate with them, albeit with a few adjustments. 

Case Example 3: M&A Due Dilligence

M&A Due Dilligence: Manufacturing Industry

A manufacturer of glass and other glass related products is considering buying a target firm in a new market to expand its geographic presence in Africa. Our client requires target company information verification a detailed overview of the market size, glass value chain and key customers by speaking with decision-makers at companies requiring high quality local glass sourcing options.



Pengo Insight validates the company information, registration documentation and shareholder details using our relationships with local registries and arranges one-on-one interactions (in-person meetings and calls) with the following individuals:

  • Business Development Director, with expert knowledge of the glass value chain and market size

  • Former Director of a large product manufacturing business which imported glass into the market to understand market dynamics

  • Local economist with expert knowledge of the business environment and market trends

  • Local pricing expert, with insight into commercial pricing decisions

  • Former COO of glass manufacturer in a neighboring market 



360 Degree Knowledge: Such a range of Expert Advisors provided the client with channel partner, supply chain, customer, finance and operational perspectives, giving them a holistic understanding of the opportunity

Smarter Decisions: Discussions with suppliers and key customers helped our client evaluate the viability of the business, and inform their decision to move ahead with the potential acquisition.

Case Example 4: HR Benchmarking and Talent Strategy

HR Benchmarking and Talent Strategy: Financial Services

Our client, a large financial services firm headquartered in South Africa is seeking to benchmark and develop its talent strategy as it expands into the rest of Africa in order for it to attract the best talent. Our client is looking to understand best practice HR in comparable firms as a potential guide to its own HR processes and talent strategies.



Pengo Insight facilitates 10 telephone consultations over a 2-week period with advisors who have experience in HR policy, talent strategy and recruitment in African markets:

  • Former Heads of Human Resources / Heads of Talent at three similar organizations

  • Technical systems architects with deep HR process and software knowledge

  • HR industry experts providing insight into industry trends and latest thinking



Industry Best Practice: Our client quickly and efficiently gains a thorough understanding of current best practice in HR and talent strategies in the context of a PAN African, industry comparable conglomerate and takes this into consideration as it scopes out its own HR processes, systems and talent strategies in African markets.

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